Saturday, April 30, 2005


Rush Limbaugh On the Left's Reaction to Ratzinger's Election to the Papacy

"Exactly what the American media [and the Left--same difference] has been suggesting, has been hoping, has been praying -- uh, they don't pray -- asking the Catholic Church to do, demanding that the Catholic do the Catholic church has done just the opposite. The church, in their view, has not modernized. The church in their view has not become more relevant to the faithful. The church has not accepted liberal ideas. What you're seeing today if you could look at this through a pair of liberal eyes, they see a competing chief justice of a supreme court that is more powerful than theirs that has just been named pope, and there's nothing they can do to filibuster it. "

In the words of that great Western Sage Arthur Fonzarelli, Exactamundo!!!


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